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  Copy Writing

Resources and Articles from The Sources Hotlink

  1. Communications Arts: The Science of Plain Language
    Plain language writing is a process that considers the needs of the readers, the purpose of the document, the message to be delivered and the constraints upon the writer.
  2. Copywriting
    Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia

  3. Getting Ink for Your New Product
    Get media coverage of your product.
  4. HotLink Resource Shelf #16
    Reviews of books on writing and presentations.
  5. HotLink Resource Shelf #26
    Reviews of public relations books.
  6. The Princess and the Press
    How to write a news release that will make you the belle of the ball

    Your relationship with the press might not be a fairy tale, but it definitely doesn't have to be horror story: How to write a news release that will make you the belle of the ball.
  7. Put it in writing
    Top five tips for writing press releases.
  8. 3 Keys to Keeping Your Marketing and PR Writing on Strategy
    How do you ensure that your marketing and PR piece isn't just pretty prose?
  9. Using History to Write Powerful Leads
    Using history in writing marketing and PR communications.
  10. Words That Work
    Despite sea change in customer attitudes, companies are still talking down to their clientele. All it takes is a subtle shift in your marketing language to produce noticeable results.
  11. Writing for broadcast
    Avoid the common pitfalls.