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  1. Achieving Success as a professional speaker
    Attaining success as a professional speaker is no easy matter! Talent and hard work are absolute musts. And, another absolute is EXPOSURE # success as a professional speaker depends on promoting yourself and becoming known to the people who are the gatekeepers to your audience.
  2. The Benefits of Professional Speaking
    No matter how good you are, you'll still have something to learn or some new set of skills to acquire.
  3. Building on the Emotional Experience of the Brand
    Linking Individual Brands With the Brand of a Convention or Event

    As professional speakers, we each seek to create our own brand. However, in today's marketplace, aligning everything we do with the brand of the convention or event will assist us in fulfilling the expectations of those who hire us.
  4. Email scam which targets professional speakers
    Sources News Release

    An email scam targetting professional speakers is making the rounds. The NSA, a British speakers' association reports that the scam has been aimed at its members. Speakers listed with SOURCES - - have also reported being targetted.
  5. Gain Clients (and Earn Money) By Speaking Engagements
    One of the best way to get new clients is by speaking to organizations. There's something about the immediacy of being in front of people that has great spin-off benefits. So whether you do it for the fees or for the contacts or both, you really can't lose.
  6. Professional Speakers: Create Brilliant Marketing Material
    Speakers really find it difficult to talk about themselves in glowing terms but that's exactly what you need to do. Put your words on paper in a way that really reflects your brilliance.
  7. Professional Speakers: To Market, To Market!
    Your positioning defines your market. Once you've decided on exactly what you stand for, you are now clear about who wants to hear you speak.
  8. Professional Speakers: What's on Your Menu of Services?
    As a professional speaker, you need to offer more than simply a keynote or two to your clients. But you don't want to offer so many different things in different forms that you confuse your client.
  9. 6 Keys to Becoming a Six Figure Speaker
    Rather than ask what the hot topics are, ask yourself what you want to say and then find the fit you're looking for.
  10. Sources Select Speakers
    Speakers available to take media calls about their area of expertise, and available for speaking engagements.
  11. Speaking of Success
    Join your colleages in Sources

  12. Why Buyers Don't Choose You
    Positioning is basically how you differentiate yourself in the marketplace. The most powerful positioning addresses your prospects' (often unspoken) needs. It appeals to the emotions first, then the intellect.

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